The Ambroz Valley

Climate, culture and tradition intertwine in a landscape full of contrasts, with an exceptional micro-climate

In the north of the province of Cáceres, the Ambroz Valley combines an impressively beautiful landscape with a history brimming with the cultural richness inherited from its past. In this setting, where Iberian pigs have been raised since the Roman era, a tradition around Iberian products lives on, which Dehesa Barón de Ley seeks to maintain with full guarantees.

Due to its conditions, the Ambroz Valley is ideal for crafting Iberian products. The valley opens up to the southwest, at altitudes between 400 and 2,000 metres, which is ideal for curing and drying products made from the Iberian pork coming from pigs that are raised in freedom for months, feeding exclusively on acorns in the lowest part of the valley, where the meadowland goes on further than the eye can see.